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May 24, 2021

Have you ever found yourself running on autopilot, and not checking in or asking yourself “is this situation right for me?”

I know I've been there. 

This is a place that so many of us find ourselves in without even realizing it. 

We have a list of our daily needs, the ones that we are responsible for to keep our family and households running. Then we add on work, school, entrepreneurship, friendships, relationships… The list goes on and on.

I know personally, I’ve found myself taking on extra tasks, or saying “yes” to too many opportunities.

But we all need to stop and ask ourselves: “Is this lifestyle that I am living, helping me or hurting me?”

Liesl Hays joins us today on The Business of Becoming to share her powerful story of finding herself in crisis, and how she was able to take a step back and find herself again. 

It was so refreshing to have Liesl on the show and speak so openly and from a place of pure vulnerability, to allow for us to better understand the steps that she took to take a hold of her life.

Are you struggling with time management? Or struggling with setting boundaries with the cast of people in your life?  If the answer is yes, listening to this episode is a MUST! 


More on Liesl Hays:

Liesl Hays is a word artist, truth-teller, choice-maker, and inspirer. In 2016, Liesl was broken. Her marriage was barely surviving, she was working sixty hours a week at her corporate job, and she was usually the last mom to pick her kids up from daycare. She was in crisis. In a brave effort to change her life, she left a decade-long career in human resources and opened an Inn located in downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Entrepreneurship taught Liesl the value of trusting her inner voice, setting boundaries, and balancing her work and family. She has rearranged her life to live in alignment with her truest, most authentic self. In her latest evolution, she is an author, serial entrepreneur, and Human Resources Consultant. Liesl runs on coffee, “to-do lists”, and the belief life begins after you agree to write your own story. She lives in Lee’s Summit, MO with her husband Harlen, children Mady and Ethan, and their extremely needy Goldendoodle Lily.

You can connect with her on Instagram, or Website!


What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Aligning Your Priorities
  • Identifying Crisis
  • Clarifying Moments
  • Defining What You Want
  • Working With Intention 
  • Living With Intention
  • Funeral Goals
  • Small Habits
  • Prioritizing With Intention 


Things We Mention In This Episode:


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